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Welcome to the Faculty of Arts

 Welcome to the Faculty of Arts; a knowledge base of the University of Khartoum. Our faculty is a place where thought and culture reign. The well qualified and diversified staff of the faculty helps graduating a considerable number of students in different specializations every year. Moreover, staff long and thorough experience is a key factor in achieving high academic level of the graduates.

 The Faculty of Arts, guided by the belief that advantageous educational and research environment is of utmost importance for both staff and students in addition to the supporting staff adopted opted to equip lecture rooms with advanced technological means of learning and education as part of a comprehensive strategy aiming at developing faculty infrastructure and research capability.

 The faculty hence adopted a three pillar approach to achieve its vision:

  • Paying due attention to the educational process with a view to graduating cultured and enlightened generations
  • Supporting research and encouraging faculty staff to take part in academic conferences
  • Community serving through awareness raising and building capacities and skills of its members

  We invoke Allah to guide our steps in the path that will achieve our goals and to help us shouldering the burden of serving science and knowledge and give us insight to adopt whatever may develop our faculty.


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Information Technology and Networks Administration (ITNA)

  • Hot line: +249 155661599

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