About Us

About us


We endeavor to be among the best educational and research institutions in the world through obtaining and production of specialized knowledge, development of knowledge acquiring skills and application of total quality in education and research.  

We furthermore seek to enrich the cultural life at the university and in the country at large through,to name a few, publications,conferences, symposium and community educating programs via different media.  

History of Faculty

The Faculty of Arts history back to the establishment of the Gordon Memorial College in 1902 where the Department of Arabic Language Teachers, Judges and the Teacher Training Department were the first nucleus of the College. In 1934 the teacher training department was transferred to Bakht al-Ruda to become a separate teacher-training institute.read more..


The faculty of Arts concentrates on gaining specialized knowledge and sharpening skills pertaining thereto and on devoting its education and research capabilities to develop social and humanities studies, serve the community and safeguard its identity.

  • To provide quality programs abreast of innovations in education of humanities.
  • To raise students awareness in terms of knowledge and thought and to develop their skills.
  • To develop new specializations in humanities
  • To build capacities of academic staff and supporting staff.
  • To prepare high caliber researchers and teaching staff in different fields of specializations
  • To conduct researches and provide quality consultancies and training through faculty specialized centers and community serving units.
  • To disseminate tolerance and devotion among the students and commitment to human aspects in dealing with oneself and others.
  • To enhance cooperation between the faculty and the community.
  • To expand distance learning programs in a variety of specializations.
Centers & Units

- Translation and Arabicisation Unit

 - Diplomatic Studies Center

 - Training and Scientific Research Unit

 - Quality Assurance Unit

Community Services