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The emergence of the nucleus of the Faculty of Arts dates to 1903, when Gordon Memorial College was founded as a training department for Arabic Language teachers and Sharia judges. Most of the staff of the department were Egyptians and Syrians, among whom were Al-Sheikh Abdel Ra'uf Salam from Egypt and the poet Fu'ad Al-Khateeb from Syria. The students studied Arabic, Religious Studies and other subjects such as Geography and Mathematics (Arithmetic, Algebra, etc.).

These literal studies developed in 1940 into the School of Arts, one of the Higher Schools of Gordon Memorial College under the auspices of the Department of Education. The duration of the study was three years, in addition to field training in Intermediate Schools, and Training at the education Institute in Bakhtel-Ruda. The School of Arts became the Faculty of Arts in 1951, it developed into a Faculty of Arts in the University of Khartoum in 1956.