Humanity Sciences

Department of Communication

Is one of the seventeenth departments of the faculty of Arts. It has been established in 1993 with the bachelor degree and the fifth year honors. The study of communication started in the university with the technical diploma in 1980 and the post graduate diploma in 1983.

Department of Islamic Studies

At the beginning of 1980 the department of Islamic studies was incorporated in the University of Khartoum (Sudan) as an Islamic academic and research institute to usher in a new era by serving and working for the sale purpose of achieving the good of Islamizing knowledge .also the department aims at achieving efforts to reform Islamic thought and reorient actions of the Muslim mind in order to meet contemporary challenges .It also ,tries to play a crucial role in order to reform contemporary Muslim thought and to develop a new approach for Islamic methodology which fulfills the essential objective of establishing Islamic sciences based on divine revelation and reason.
The new building of the department, which was inaugurated in 1983, is a big one. It consists of many lecture theaters, offices, restrooms for staff members, rest -room for the female students, seminar rooms, and spacious courtyard with a beautiful garden.
The department issued an annual journal for Islamic studies. This journal is regarded as the first journal of Islamic studies in the University of Khartoum. .

Department of Archaeology

was established in 1971 as a research unit, them to a full a department in 19 being the first in of its kind in Sudan.
Even since it evolved in training student in the various sub - field of archaeology, teaching diverse courses from Paleolithic to ottoman and from china to Mexico.
The staff is involved in field project providing many opportunities for the student to join field and laboratory experience.
The department offers B.A, M.A, and PhD degrees in a wide range of topics.